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Show Rate List

All Breed Shows

All Class Dogs and Special $100.00

Group Bonus

Group 1 $200.00

Group 2$175.00

Group 3 $150.00

$100.00 to stay for Group this covers a group 4

BIS $750.00

RBIS ..$400.00

Specialties $125.00

Sweeps $75.00

All Best Puppy Competition $25.00

Puppy Groups bonus

Group 1..$100.00

Group 2...$75.00

Group 3 ..$50.00

$25.00 to stay for group & covers a

Group 4

PBIS .... $250.00


*$20.00 a day with your food


$25.00 a day with our food


Show expenses are split evenly among all dogs.

*Dogs we Can not show will be shown by a handler we deem responsible.

If your dog requires medical treatment you have authorized us to have your pet treated by a Veterinarian of our choice at your expense.



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